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Riverwood Capital: CONECTADOS Tech Platform Relief Initiative

30 April 2020

Several members of the Latin American Tech Growth Coalition, including Riverwood Capital, SoftBank and SVB, are supporting CONECTADOS, a solidarity initiative in the LatAm tech community that connects companies and their employees with enabling organizations to support the Red Cross and healthcare workers.

CONECTADOS is an initiative by different companies in Latin America that includes:

  • Discount and benefits app for Healthcare workers: provided at no charge to Healthcare Workers of some healthcare institutions in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. The platform allows healthcare workers to access dozens of discount and benefits in their smartphone via an app. This intends to help the healthcare workers in their day to day life, and provides a recognition to the incredible work they do every day
  • CONECTADOS donation app: hundreds of companies in Latin America can offer to their employees the ability to make a donation directly to the Red Cross.  Via this platform, thousands of employees can make donations directly to CRUZ ROJA / RED CROSS from their smartphone. The tech platform for this is provided by GoIntegro, which already has +300 clients across Latam w access to 1 million employees. In addition to those, other companies can join.  (Company X, already a client of GoIntegro, launches CONECTADOS to their employees via the existing app in their smartphones and facilitates a “one click” donation directly to CRUZ ROJA / RED CROSS – MercadoPago is supporting the payment platform)
  • IMPULSORES: partners such as Riverwood, and potentially Goldman, BAML and others are joining as key partner or “IMPULSOR”, which basically implies a donation directly to CRUZ ROJA / RED CROSS that is leveraged as “matching” (up to a cap) for the donations received from the employees of corporations in Latam described above. This will have the benefit of the direct donation to CRUZ ROJA / RED CROSS, plus a multiplying effect encouraging thousands of others to support the healthcare institutions across the 3 countries

Read more about CONECTADOS here.