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ALLVP: Shifting Forward After COVID-19

2 May 2020

The following resource was shared with LAVCA by ALLVP based on a communication they sent to their investors. The statement shares the fund’s view on the gradual recovery of social and economic activity in Latin America and ALLVP’s reframed sub-sector focus adapted to the new reality after the COVID-19 crisis.

We are fortunate to have the support of our LPs and the leadership of our companies’ founders to take our firm to the other side, stronger than ever. 

While we want to avoid Chicken Little thinking, we are planning for a long recovery towards a normal social context and economic activity, interrupted by COVID waves in different geographies, until a vaccine is broadly available. In our end of March notes issued to founders and LPs, we illustrated such a long recovery with possible companies’ sales scenarios.

ALLVP - Shifting Forward - Gradual Recovery Scenarios

* does not represent sales or collection guidance or expected future performance of ALLVP III portfolio companies.

Despite uncertainty on the depth and length of this downturn, we can only be sure we will come back to a new reality where technology will play a bigger yet different role. Habits will evolve and digital adoption will accelerate. The economic strains will cause companies and consumers to review their lifestyle, priorities, and behaviors.

ALLVP-Shifting Forward- Shift in Investment Focus

Within our four core sectors, we have categorized 90 subsectors according to short and long term perspectives, so as to concentrate outbound efforts on those that will be favored by new realities, and to proactively anticipate to positive trends.

We soberly embrace the responsibility of acting towards having a positive impact on how the world defines and shapes its future.

Picture “Moving Forward” by Bluehouse Skis.