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Jaguar Ventures: A View Into the Current Landscape

4 May 2020

The following statement was shared with LAVCA by Jaguar Ventures where the fund discusses the current states of its fundraising activity and the positive impact that the C19 crisis has had on their portfolio companies. For additional guidance from Jaguar Ventures to founders under these uncertain circumstances, please visit Hunting Manual – COVID-19.

Jaguar Ventures postponed its final close originally slated for March 31.  Investors are committed and fully on board for a final close on June 30, with a lineup that includes American, Brazilian, Central American, Spanish as well as Mexican investors. 

Jaguar Ventures also shared the positive impact the current crisis has had on some of their portfolio companies as a result of increased digital adoption, for example: 

  • Three of Jaguar Ventures’ portfolio companies closed successful funding rounds in April.
  • Liftit, a B2B Colombian logistics marketplace for independent truck drivers, grew its Gross Merchandise Value by 311% YoY in the month of April
  • Producteca, an online sales management platform, increased its Gross Merchandise Value by 293% YoY in the month of April.
  • Checkars, an Argentine auto resale marketplace, grew its fully online car sales by 2.8x YoY in April and 4.2x vs. the same period in 2019.
  • Loft, a Brazilian proptech, closed its first 100% online transaction by selling a house without anyone visiting the property beforehand or having physical contact with the counterparty.