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TreeCorp to Raise ~USD125.5m Fund (em português)

16 September 2021

TreeCorp Investimentos is preparing to start raising its fourth fund with a reported target size of BRL700m (~USD125.5m).

(NeoFeed) When pet accessories website Zee.Dog was sold to Petz in a R$715 million deal in early August, private equity manager TreeCorp had a lot to celebrate.

In March 2020, the company had invested R$100 million in the company, considered the “Nike of pets”, and, in a short time, it had already managed a liquidity event that would remunerate the capital by 280%. It was a return, pardon the pun, “animal”.

But, contrary to what would be natural for a private equity fund, TreeCorp doubled the bet and exchanged its stake for a 3% stake in Petz. Since then, the share has risen more than 14%, transforming the R$ 100 million into R$ 320 million.

Founded in 2011, TreeCorp has already raised three funds that together raised R$600 million. The third, for R$ 450 million, has room for two more investments. For this reason, the manager is already preparing to start raising its fourth fund, which should be worth R$700 million.