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Zora Tokhi


Zora Tokhi serves as the Manager of Membership at LAVCA and plays a pivotal role in leading the onboarding, maintenance, and engagement of both current and prospective members.

Zora’s ability to navigate varied cultural landscapes and her insight into global dynamics are instrumental in fostering strong member relations and maintaining robust connections within LAVCA’s extensive global and regional networks.

Before joining LAVCA, Zora led critical programming at Vital Voices which focused on human rights and empowerment initiatives. In this role, she developed a strong foundation in complex project management and stakeholder engagement- skills that are crucial in the realm of private capital. This included overseeing significant funding portfolios to support humanitarian programming globally. Notably, she spearheaded a key project in Asia focused on increasing gender equity in supply chains. This project addressed systemic challenges by empowering female vendors and buyers with specialized training to enhance their roles and influence in the marketplace.

Zora’s acumen is further underscored by her prior involvement with a nonprofit in France to increase livelihood outcomes for migrants and supporting research at Transparency International Ireland. These experiences reflect her adeptness in collaborating with global members at LAVCA to promote collaboration that will not only drive investment returns, but meet societal needs.

She holds a B.A. in Political Science from UC Berkeley and a Master of Law in International Human Rights from NUI Galway. She is fluent in Pashto and has intermediate proficiency in Spanish and Persian.