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Laura Mello De Andrea Constantini

Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Astella Investment

Laura is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Astella Investment. Astella was born in 2008, and since then, Laura has become a pioneer among women investing in Venture Capital in Latin America.

Laura looks for founders with a great vision capable of disrupting or bringing efficiency to an entire value chain. She looks for opportunities to deliver our society and economy new alternatives that generate value and solve our main existential problems, from feeding more people to providing a better quality of life.

She also currently serves the board of Cayena, Croct, Jota, Estoca, Traive and Destaxa.

In 2021, she became a Kauffman Fellow. She is also a board member of Endeavor Brazil. Before the foundation of Astella, she worked as an equity research analyst at Santander and Banco Garantia focused on covering telecom and technology companies.