2019 EMPEA LP Survey Results Presented at LAVCA Week

In 2019, EMPEA conducted it’s 15th annual edition -Global Limited Partners Survey. Findings were presented during LAVCAWeek 2019 in New York on September 23th.

This study aims to shed light on how LPs’ plans for investing are evolving, what factors are affecting their decision-making, and which geographies they view as attractive.

Highlighted findings, include:

  • Private markets’ AUM is still growing strongly
  • Brazil is fourth place and LatAm (excl. Brazil) is sixth place in EMPEA’s market attractiveness rankings
  • More LPs plan to increase Emerging Markets (EM) commitments than at any point since 2014
  • Family offices lead all other respondent groups in terms of planned increases in EM commitments
  • Majority of LPs are pursuing EM tech opportunities

Survey features the views of 104 limited partners (LPs) on the conditions and outlook for emerging market private equity (EM PE).