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Increasing Participation of Women in Private Capital in Latin America

Location: Virtual
Date: 14 October 2021
Hosted By: LAVCA

October 14, 2021 | 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT

Increasing Participation of Women in Private Capital in Latin America” will explore leadership’s role in attracting and retaining female talent, discuss practical systems and processes that support women in the workplace, and provide the context in terms of industry best practices and LP expectations.


Session 1: First-Hand Insights from Industry Veterans

Presentation and discussion – 30 minutes
In this session, faculty will discuss why gender diversity is important from a practical and performance perspective, what has and hasn’t changed for women in the industry, and what role female representation plays in the private capital fieldThe presentation will highlight how gender-related standards are evolving and what goals modern firms should strive for in terms of policies, approaches, and resulting representation

Session 2: Leadership’s Role in Attracting and Retaining Female Talent

Presentation and discussion – 90 minutes
In this practitioner-led discussion, faculty will address how GP leadership can support the design and implementation of policies that create and maintain a gender-diverse and female-friendly company culturePresentations will discuss where to find female talent, which approaches attract gender-diverse hires, and how to collaboratively create and institute policies that encourage representation, retention, and internal ascension of women

Session 3: Overcoming Unconscious Bias at the Organizational Level

Presentation and discussion – 60 minutes
This session will discuss how ingrained gender assumptions impact the private equity field,  and will highlight how to be conscious of these forces and organizationally overcome them.  Faculty will provide important tips on where implicit biases might unexpectedly arise, what outcomes they can affect if left unaddressed, and how to create policies that actively circumnavigate or confront them. 

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The session is hosted by LAVCA in collaboration with GPCA and is exclusively open to practitioners investing in Latin America.