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2024 LAVCA Deal Awards

Location: Virtual
Date: 22 May 2024
Hosted By: LAVCA

2024 Private Capital Deal of the Year

H.I.G. Capital received the 2024 Private Capital Deal of the Year Award for its investment in Eletromidia, a leading Brazilian OOH advertising company. Eletromidia provides advertising solutions through a network of static and digital panels strategically placed in high-traffic locations, managing over 64,000 panels that reach over 22 million people daily. The company’s strategic growth is evidenced by eight successful M&A transactions since 2013, solidifying its position as a sector leader. Eletromidia’s innovative “Guarded Bus” project, developed in partnership with AlmapBBDO, transforms bus shelters into secure havens with cameras, microphones, and internet connectivity, providing real-time assistance to vulnerable groups, particularly women. This initiative has garnered support from nine sponsors, expanding its reach to 100 bus shelters across São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Campinas. 


2024 Environmental Responsibility Award

Patria Investments received the 2024 Environmental Responsibility Award for its investment in Frooty, a leading Brazilian açaí sorbet manufacturing company, with more than 20,000 points of sale within Brazil and exports to 13 countries across America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Their commitment supports over one thousand families and sources ~90% of its inputs from small Amazonian producers. Frooty’s environmental programs protect 40,000 hectares of the Amazon rainforest, have 60% ECOCERT-certified suppliers and aim for all facilities to be seed-fueled by 2025. In partnership with the German Development Agency (GIZ), Frooty provides financial education and off-season income support to local açaí producers. 



2024 Social Impact Award

Deetken Impact received the 2024 Social Impact Award for its investment in Puntored, a Colombia-based alternative payment methods company that provides digital financial services to small business owners. Puntored’s model enables over 75,000 shopkeepers in 938 municipalities to earn extra income through fee-sharing. Covering 77% of under-banked rural areas, Puntored reaches over 12.5 million users. Nearly 90% of its shopkeepers are low to middle-income individuals, with 97% seeing improved incomes. Women operate nearly 60% of Puntored’s “tiendas” and hold 38% of senior management positions. 


2024 Gender & Diversity Award

Linzor Capital Partners received the 2024 Gender & Diversity Award for its investment in Sies Salud, a healthcare provider offering a comprehensive care model for chronic diseases in Colombia. As a market leader in HIV care, Sies Salud serves 65,000 patients monthly, boasting hospitalization and mortality rates significantly below national averages (0.4% and 0.2% respectively). The company operates a mobile clinic for underserved areas, supports women in La Guajira and Chocó with income and food security programs and began serving Sampues‘ 42,500 rural residents in 2023. 


2024 Innovation Award

DOMO.VC received the 2024 Innovation Award for its investment in Stattus4, a Brazilian company focused on limiting the waste of natural resources through pipeline systems. Stattus4’s product utilizes an intelligence platform with proprietary algorithms to diagnose potential leakages through sound and efficiently track repair processes. By addressing pipeline leakages, Stattus4 has significantly reduced water wastage during distribution, slashing the time to fix leakages from 180 days to just three days on average. Since DOMO’s investment, the company has saved 127,021 cubic meters of water, equivalent to 50 Olympic pools, benefiting approximately 38,000 people monthly. 


2024 Better Tech Award

HiLab, nominated by Altitude Ventures, received the 2024 Better Tech Award for its portable point-of-care diagnostic device in Brazil. Conducting blood exams in just 15 minutes with a drop of blood and an internet connection, HiLab has performed over 4.7 million exams, benefiting more than 2.9 million individuals in 629 cities, particularly in remote communities where nearly 90% of cities served have fewer than 500 inhabitants. The average family income of HiLab patients is BRL2.5k. With tests priced 65% lower than regular exams, HiLab significantly improves affordability and accessibility, extending its reach to regions like Betânia do Piauí (PI), Kayapo, Yanomami, Xingu and the Amazon Rainforest. 


The LAVCA ESG Deal Awards showcase outstanding private capital investments, specifically targeting environmental, social and gender diversity initiatives. Winners are selected from among deals submitted by LAVCA Member firms through a rigorous evaluation process by a distinguished panel of institutional investors comprised of development finance institutions, pension funds and funds of funds. Watch the recording from the LinkedIn Live event.