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Alexandra de Haan

Mubadala Capital, Senior Vice President

Alexandra de Haan is a Senior Vice President at Mubadala Capital, a Private Equity firm that invests in Infrastructure in Brazil. Born in the Netherlands, she moved to Brazil in 2000 as an entrepreneur and co-founded Mundivox, a fiber-optic broadband provider for SMEs in Brazil, successfully sold in 2014. In 2007, she transitioned back to corporate as CFO and Fund Manager of Ideiasnet, a publicly traded VC firm that invests in tech in Brazil. In 2015, she founded Copacabana House Ventures, a micro-VC in technology. She also served as Board Member for several companies (Officer Distribuidora, Padtec and Nexxto). She has a BS from Georgetown and an MBA from Columbia. She is a strong proponent for gender diversity, supporting this through her activities as a member of WCD, a mentor at Wexchange, and as founder of Venture Women Brasil.

Investor Profile

Based In: Brazil

Investor Type: VC Firm

Preferred Sector(s): Infrastructure

Preferred Stage(s): Seed/Incubator

Preferred Geo(s): Brazil

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