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LAVCA in the News

Mexico the Newest Magnet for Private Equity

26 September 2013

(Latin Business Chronicle) A recent survey by Lavca and Coller Capital shows investor enthusiasm there outpacing Brazil.

Investor excitement has dimmed for Brazil, while Mexico, Peru, and Colombia have become the new hot spots. Such are the findings of the latest Latin American Private Equity Survey from the Latin America Venture Capital Association (Lavca) and Coller Capital. “Brazil is attracting a lower enthusiasm among investors, while Mexico, Peru, and Colombia have similar scores of attractiveness,” Cate Ambrose, president of Lavca told Latin Business Chronicle. “Investors are not going to pour out of Brazil – it’s the biggest private equity market in Latin America – but there’s no question that investment is moving to other markets, and Mexico is the major beneficiary,” she says.

The survey of 105 global private equity investors finds that over one-third of investors plan to introduce or accelerate their commitments to Latin America in the coming years – with 70 percent of Latin American investors saying they plan to increase their investments in private equity. The study also finds that investors involved in Latin America expect net returns on investment of at least 16 percent.