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IIC and Mezzanine Mexico Sign MXN$420m Revolving Loan

14 November 2017

Grupo IDB’s Inter-American Investment Corporation has signed a revolving MXN$420m loan agreement with Mezzanine Mexico Uno to increase financial access and mezzanine loans to SMEs with high growth potential in Mexico.

(Press Release) The Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), the private sector arm of the IDB Group, has signed a revolving loan of 420 million Mexican pesos with Mezzanine Mexico Uno (MMU) to increase access to finance and to mezzanine products to middle-market companies with growth potential in Mexico.

Through this transaction, the IIC will provide financing to MMU to increase the supply of mezzanine financing for growth-oriented companies in Mexico, contributing to close a financing gap for middle-market companies in the country supporting growth and job creation.

The transaction is expected to support the expansion of middle-market firms that, despite having a strong business model with significant growth prospects, have limited access to funding for productive investments. The transaction will also support the development of the emerging mezzanine financing market in Mexico by providing long-term financing.