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Ignia Invests in Mexican Fintech Startup AirTM

31 January 2017

Ignia, a Mexican venture capital firm, made an undisclosed investment in Mexican fintech startup AirTm, an internet platform that allows anyone to have a cloud-based USD-dominated account.

(Press Release) Mexico City, January 31st 2017 – The Mexican venture capital firm IGNIA has announced today its investment in the Mexico- based startup AirTM, a company that has created an easy, secure and low cost way of moving money in local currency to an AirTM cloud-based USD account (and vice versa). The company has a network of cashiers that connect more than 200 national banking systems and multiple e-money networks such as Paypal, Amazon, Neteller and Skrill. AirTM has more the 50,000 clients in more than 59 countries around the world.

“We believe in the enormous opportunity that exists in being able to offer financial services to consumers and business at a global level, and to do so through innovative solutions developed by Mexican entrepreneurs using bitcoin/blockchain technologies”, commented Alvaro Rodriguez, Co-Founder and Managing Partner in IGNIA.

“We are very excited to work with IGNIA, we believe their experience and knowledge of the financial services sector will help AirTM grow in Mexico and globally”, commented Ruben Galindo, Co-Founder of AirTM.