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HCS Capital Invests US$3m in Chile’s RedCapital

11 June 2019

HCS Capital invested US$3m in RedCapital, a Chilean crowdfunding platform.

(LatAm List) RedCapital, a Chilean crowdfunding platform, has received $3M in investment from HCS Capital. RedCapital allows investors to crowdfund factoring operations for small businesses in Chile.

The investment will be used to expand RedCapital’s operations in Chile and Peru, and continue expanding in the rest of Latin America, specifically Colombia and Mexico, and the United States. RedCapital has processed more than 3,800 transactions, a total value above $90M. In 2018, they financed more than $50M, which they expect to double in 2019.

HCS Capital, an investment firm based in Miami with offices in Santiago, Chile, has previously invested in Chilean compaets in Latin America and the United States.nies in the areas of FinTech and InsurTech, including JooycarWe Technologies, and Ceptinel.

Gustavo Ananía, founder and CEO of RedCapital, stated that they are excited that HCS has given RedCapital an opportunity to grow alongside FinTech and machine learning companies that will help them enter mark

Alex Horvitz, CEO of HCS Capital Partners, expressed that this investment in RedCapital presents growth opportunity in Latin America and the United States.

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