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DILA Capital Invests in Alana Jobs

8 May 2019

DILA Capital made an undisclosed investment in Alana Jobs, a Mexican HR tech platform for the hospitality industry.

(Press Release) DILA Capital is proud to announce their investment in Alana Jobs, a leading Latin American marketplace and software tool focused on hiring service workers in the hospitality industry.  The Company, which was co-founded by Ignacio Martinez, Rafael Leon and Daniel Bernardez, was inspired by their collective experiences in the restaurant industry, particularly around hiring and retaining employees.

“From our own experiences in Venezuela and through our time here in Mexico, we have found that it is extremely difficult for companies to find quality employees and even more costly when they leave.  Employee turnover in service jobs in the hospitality industry in Mexico is more than 100%.  On the other side, for job-seekers, there is no solution that has been designed specifically for service workers to find local opportunities that appeal to them and their specific skillset or personality.  This leads job-seekers to accept jobs that are far away from where they live and that are not good fits, which ultimately leads to them leaving.  This churn is devastating for companies and it is a vicious cycle that will continue unless a solution creates a better experience for both users and companies.  Currently in Mexico, there is no sophisticated user-friendly technology that immediately smart-matches job-seekers with employers.  We are building Alana to solve this problem and are very excited to be teaming up with DILA to make sure we can scale our value proposition to millions of users,” said Ignacio Martinez, CEO of Alana Jobs.

Alana Jobs, through their mobile and web applications that were launched just more than a year ago, provides a solution to job-seekers by offering them an easy-to-use and up-to-date platform that shows them all of the relevant open jobs nearby, while seamlessly offering companies an opportunity to immediately connect with and hire interested applicants.

“We have been very impressed with the Alana team and their ability to create a sophisticated product that companies and users both want.  With more than 20 million people re-hired annually in the restaurant, hotel and retail sectors in Latin America, DILA believes that Alana has a huge market opportunity in front of them.  The team has demonstrated product market fit for large, medium and small business employers, and we are excited to see what the future has in store for Alana,” said Alejandro Diez Barroso, Managing Partner of DILA Capital.


About Alana Jobs

Alana Jobs is a web and mobile-based app that is available on both Android and iOS.  The Company offers employers proprietary candidate ranking technology and a smart chatbot that automatically generates interviews.  For job-seekers, Alana offers the opportunity to find local open positions and to chat with employers in real time.  More information can be found at

About DILA Capital

DILA Capital is a Mexico-based Venture Capital firm that is focused on investing in leading early stage companies in Mexico and Latin America.  The firm, which was founded and is managed by Alejandro Diez Barroso and Eduardo Clavé, is currently investing out of its third fund.  DILA works to provide support and unlock value for its portfolio companies and looks to strategically accompany them in their follow-on fundraising rounds to fill the gap for capital in the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem.