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Alba Capital Partners Acquires Argentinean Telecoms Sidaco and A1T

14 August 2018

Alba Capital Partners acquired controlling interests in Argentinean telecommunications companies Sidaco and A1T. Additionally, the firm announced a US$30m investment program to deploy 400 telecommunications towers in Argentina.

(Press Release) Alba Capital Partners, a middle market private equity firm focused on Argentina and Uruguay, today announces that it has acquired controlling interests in two companies:  Sidaco Telecomunicaciones (“Sidaco”) and A1 Torres (“A1T”). Together with the acquisition of both companies, it has also announced a USD 30 m investment program to deploy 400 telecommunications infrastructure assets (towers) in Argentina. Both companies will be run under the leadership of Nestor Oistaczer, Sidaco’s current CEO, who will also remain as a shareholder.

“Sidaco has historically offered one-stop-shop services to mobile network operators. With its financial position strengthened by Alba’s capital, Sidaco aims to consolidate its role as a key player in the tower services industry. We have more than 20 years of experience and have, to date, built more than 2,500 sites in the country. Starting today, we will be able to continue offering site building services for third parties as well as for our own portfolio.”, Nestor Oistaczer, Sidaco’s CEO, stated.

“We have unparalleled operational and private equity expertise in the expansion of telecommunications networks within our firm. Alba’s partners have successfully run and grown many companies in Argentina. We are here for the long run and our goal is to partner with the telecom industry in order to help it grow successfully” said Guillermo Lanusse, partner at Alba

“We are excited to team up with Sidaco and A1T. We believe we can be very complementary to Sidaco and generate the right environment for the company to grow and flourish. We saw in Sidaco an exciting mix of talent, history and track record” considered Mario Santarelli, partner at Alba.

“Sidaco is a solid company and the tower business model is a strong one, despite the competitive nature of the business. The fact that we were able to raise capital for this opportunity under the current environment highlights the attractiveness of the industry and the soundness of our strategy. We are thankful to the investor group that backed us in this investment” said Juan Lucena, partner at Alba.

About Sidaco Telecomunicaciones. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sidaco Telecomunicaciones is one of the leading telecom site engineering firms in Argentina, having built more than 2,500 sites out of the 16,000 sites existing in the country, ranging from the north of the country to Antartica, in its 20-year history. It has also been involved with the installation and servicing of antennas at more than 6,000 sites. It provides a one-stop shop to mobile operators by offering site acquisition, site building and antenna installation services as well as site maintenance.

About A1 Torres. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, A1 Torres is a company running a tower portfolio servicing MNOs, with a strong experience finding and acquiring sites for the installation of antennas all over the country.

About Alba Capital Partners. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alba Capital Partners is a middle market private equity firm focusing on control opportunities in Argentina and Uruguay. For more information on Alba, please visit