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Adobe Capital & IGNIA to Exit Mexico’s Provive

3 April 2019

Adobe Capital and IGNIA announced their divestment from Provive, a Mexican urban regeneration company, following a new round of debt financing from an undisclosed international bank.

(Press Release) Adobe Capital announces its divestment from Provive, making it the second portfolio company to exit from its first fund, Adobe Social Mezzanine Fund I. Provive is a Mexican company dedicated to urban regeneration through the rehabilitation of abandoned homes.

In 2015, Adobe Capital’s investment was made to drive growth and maximize the social impact of Provive. As a portfolio company, Provive successfully restored over 6,600 homes in the cities of Tijuana, Juarez, Mexicali and Hermosillo, impacting the lives of approximately 30,000 people.

The exit occurs following financing provided by an international bank. Provive will continue to apply resources to expand its efforts of revitalizing communities and providing Mexican families access to adequate housing.

This investment supports Adobe Capital’s underlying thesis of generating social impact directly aligned with competitive market returns.

(Press Release) IGNIA (, completed the repayment of its debt with the Inter-American Development Bank (“IDB”) after the partial exit of IGNIA Fund I from its investment in Provive.

IGNIA´s partial exit and the subsequent repayment of its debt to the IDB took place after Provive closed a major debt transaction with a fund from an important international bank. Provive will use the funding to accelerate its growth and to substantially improve its capital structure by refinancing its existing debt.

IGNIA was Provive´s first investor, and has supported the company since 2011. To date, Provive has generated nearly $5,000 million pesos in value with the recovery of more than 8,500 homes, supporting 50,000 Mexican families in the cities from Tijuana, Mexicali, Ciudad Juárez and Hermosillo. Its program operates through the collaboration of Provive and Fundación Tu+Yo; the first is in charge of acquiring, rehabilitating and selling abandoned homes, while the Fundación Tu+Yo implements programs that promote education, organization and participation of community members to meet and solve their needs. Together, they have achieved the development of more prosperous, strong and active communities through improved access to housing and a better quality of life.

“Provive has proven to be a highly successful company in the field of urban regeneration of low-income communities. This is reflected, in part, in the excellent return that the Company has generated for investors like IGNIA, and confirms our investment thesis of supporting companies focused on the emerging middle class. We are confident that Provive will continue to grow and generate value for its shareholders, we continue to have an important equity stake in this venture. Additionally, we are excited that a world-class bank has joined us in this endeavor”, said Fabrice Serfati, Partner of IGNIA.