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Stratus Invests in Unnafibras’ US$60MM Investment Plan

23 June 2010

(Stratus Group) June 23, 2010 – Stratus Group announces an investment in Unnafibras, the leading producer of polyester fibers made from recycled PET in Brazil. The investment is part of the company’s ambitious US$ 60 million investment plan.

Unnafibras, the largest domestic producer of recycled polyester through its ecofibra® brand, expects revenues of US$ 67 million in 2010. The Company recycles 1 billion PET bottles per year into raw materials used by the textile, automotive parts, and furniture industries. Brazilian football team 2010 World Cup jerseys are made from recycled PET bottles.

Founded in 1996, Unnafibras employs 400 people in three sites – Santo André (SP), Mauá (SP) and Alhandra (PB). “Our commitment to innovation and product development transformed Unnafibras into one of the leading companies in the polyester market. We are confident that the partnership with Stratus Group will accelerate our growth and pave the road to the capital markets” says José Trevisan Júnior, Unnafibras’ CEO.

The investment comes at a time when new uses for recycled polyester are being employed by various industries, one of the factors expected to leverage the company’s new growth phase. The company will invest US$ 60 million to increase production capacity and expand its product portfolio through organic growth and acquisitions.

“We are extremely confident in Unnafibras’ management team, which drove the company to its current market leadership position. The unique combination of market growth potential and company positioning makes Unnafibras an outstanding company and a great investment opportunity”, says Eduardo Goes, Partner at Stratus Group.

According to ABIPET (PET Industry Brazilian Association), PET recycling grew twentyfold in the last 15 years. 55% of all used PET bottles are recycled, which on a global basis makes Brazil second only to Japan.

“In our view, the growth of the Brazilian economy will be supported by mid-sized companies with great growth potential such as Unnafibras”, says Alberto Camões, Managing Partner of Stratus Group. Alberto points out that the Brazilian economy is comprised of over 14,000 mid-sized companies with annual revenues between US$ 30 and US$ 200 million, that could benefit from private equity’s capital and support to implement better corporate governance practices.

About Stratus

Stratus Group invests in Brazilian mid-sized companies with high growth potential. Founded in 1999 and with over US$ 300 million in assets under management, Stratus Group is a signatory of United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), supporting world-class corporate governance practices and sustainability in its investments.

About Unnafibras

Headquartered in Santo André (SP), Unnafibras is Brazil’s main producer of polyester fiber made from recycled PET bottles. Unnafibras employs 400 people in three facilities and produces up to 36,000 tons of polyester fiber per year. Its products are used on the textile, furniture and automotive industries.