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Stratus Alternative Fund To Launch Jamaica SME Private Equity Fund

14 May 2022

(Our Today) Stratus Alternative Fund, managed by NCB Capital Markets, is set to launch its own private equity fund which focuses on providing equity financing to small- and medium-sized entities (SMEs), primarily in Jamaica.

The Stratus SME Private Equity Fund is being launched with the support of the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ). This will be the fifth portfolio under the Stratus suite of alternative investment funds, which already includes specialised funds such as its infrastructure- and tourism-focused funds.

The new SME Private Equity Fund will receive J$1 billion in seed capital from the DBJ. It will be seeded with a minimum of J$3 billion, including the J$1 billion from the DBJ.

The fund will have a ten-year life cycle after which the investors’ principal and gains will be returned in accordance with the agreement. This partnership with the DBJ stemmed from a call for proposals for fund managers issued in December 2021.