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Redpoint and Global Founders Capital Invest in Brazilian Escale

7 July 2017

Redpoint eventures and Global Founders Capital made an undisclosed investment in Escale, a Brazilian digital marketing agency and call center operator. 

(Press Release) Today, Escale, the inbound digital marketing agency and call center operator, announced an undisclosed amount of new venture capital funding from Redpoint eventures and Global Founders Capital, in addition to an ambitious plan to more than double its workforce by early 2018. Escale has experienced extremely fast growth and significant impact for its customers since combining its outsourced services – inbound sales/marketing, data insights and high-quality call centers – into one offering.

Escale currently serves a broad range of mid-sized business organizations and regional giants, including some of Brazil’s largest cellular, security and online education companies. It helps large brands in Brazil attract more customers and boost revenue through inbound marketing, sales support that’s informed by customer data insights, and the high-quality service it provides through a growing call-center network that it owns and operates. Based on increasing customer demand and contracts, Escale grew its workforce by a factor of four last year – from 30 to 120 employees during 2016. The company anticipates that it will more than double its workforce again by early 2018.

Converging business trends that are fueling fast growth

Macro trends that are helping to drive Escale’s fast growth include a continued proliferation of mobile users in LatAm, a rapid growth in digital marketing, and the steady growth of online shopping and on-demand services. More than 90 percent of mobile internet users in Brazil ages 34 and younger now own a smartphone. The digital advertising market in Brazil surpassed all forecasts in 2016, reaching 26 percent year-over-year growth, and it’s expected to represent a third of total ad spending by 2018. Online shopping has nearly tripled in the last five years, and totaled $44.4 billion Brazilian reais at the end of 2016. It’s expected to grow another 12 percent in 2017.

Escale’s model fuses digital marketing, data and sales support

“We now optimize every part of the sales funnel for our customers. After some experimentation, we decided to fuse inbound marketing, data-driven insights from customers, and high-quality service via call centers we own and operate,” explains Matthew Kligerman, co-founder and CEO of Escale.
“Current outsourced business solutions still make it unnecessarily difficult for consumers to buy products and services in Brazil. With Escale, we’ve married a performance agency with performance call centers, including customer data analytics that boosts client sales and the bottom line.”