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Vivianne Bernardes-Cibils

CIBERSONS, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Vivianne Bernardes-Cibils is a pioneer, investor and serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the technology industry, including more than ten years in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Founder and President of PARCAP, the Paraguayan Association of Venture Capital. Former Co-Chair of UC Berkeley’s Parents Board and current member of MIT’s Parents Board. She’s the Co-Founder, past CEO, and current Director of CIBERSONS, a multinational tech and investment firm with operations and venture capital funds in Latin America, Silicon Valley and Asia. During her leadership, Cibersons spread its operations to more than 40 countries. Previously Vivianne also worked for the Paraguayan Ministry of the Treasury, U.S. Embassy, United Nations, JICA and Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles, among many others. Vivianne is a software engineer with top international business and academic awards and a proud mother of three.

Investor Profile

Investor Type: VC Firm

Preferred Sector(s): Agnostic: Deep Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Healthtech, Agtech, Foodtech, Mobility, Edtech, Infrastructure

Preferred Stage(s): Early-Stage

Preferred Geo(s): Paraguay, Latin America, U.S.

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