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Luísa Pinto Coelho

Confrapar Administração e Gestão, Managing Partner

Luísa Pinto Coelho is a Managing Partner of Confrapar, a Brazilian-based VC and PE investment firm specializing in investments in tech companies and the energy sector. She leads the compliance, ESG and risk management team dedicated to the firm’s investment funds. Luísa is also the head of the firm’s in-house legal counsel and has worked in the negotiations and legal structuring of more than 30 M&A, venture capital and private equity investments.

Investor Profile

Investor Type: VC Firm

Preferred Sector(s): Technology (Health, Education, Financial Services, Logistics, Media, Entertainment, Advanced Manufacturing)

Preferred Stage(s): Early Stage, Growth

Preferred Geo(s): Latin America

LAVCA Honors

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