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Juliana Inneco

Sinqia, Head of Corporate Venture Capital Investment

Juliana has been working in the technology market for five years and helped build Torq Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital practice of Sinqia, the largest technology company for the financial market in Brazil. In addition to being responsible for investments, Juliana also leads initiatives to foster the culture of internal innovation, construction and maintenance of the Torq ecosystem, the company’s Open Innovation Unit. Juliana is personally involved in the startup ecosystem as an angel investor and startup advisor. She dedicated herself to initiatives focused on gender equity, the greater representation of women in leadership and the training of women leaders – she is a mentor in the Mulheres no Comando network.

Investor Profile

Investor Type: Corporate

Preferred Sector(s): Fintech

Preferred Stage(s): Seed, Series A

Preferred Geo(s): Brazil

Sample Companies: Celcoin, CashWay, Data Rudder

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