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Julia Profeta Johansson

JPJ Lab, She for Social Impact, Alma Impact, Founder, Co-Founder

Julia started her career as an entrepreneur working with innovation. She then worked in Wholesale Investment Banking (Itau BBA), Private Equity and Internet (Rocket Internet), Social Business (Yunus Social Business), culminating then on the perfect balance of the previous experiences as an impact investor at Vox Capital. Now based in Berlin, Julia is the founder of JPJ Lab, an strategic consultancy focused on impact, working with startups & accelerators, Co-Founder of She For Social Impact, a Global Female Impact Angel Network focused on high impact technologies and Co-Founder of Alma Impact, an impact training and business development consultancy focused on financial institutions and corporates.

Investor Profile

Based In: Germany

Investor Type: Impact

Preferred Sector(s): Education, Healthcare and Financial Services

Preferred Stage(s): Early/Growth

Preferred Geo(s): Brazil


LAVCA Honors

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