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Carolina Strobel

Antler, Founding Partner

Carolina Strobel has 20+ years of experience in tech investing, business building, and digital transformation projects. Currently, she is a Founding Partner for Antler in Brazil and Operating Partner for Redpoint eventures. Apart from that, Carolina was Intel Capital’s LATAM director for over a decade and also the Innovation Director of publicly traded companies. This professional background consolidated her as a pioneer and reference for venture capital in Latin America. She strongly believes that companies with greater diversity and inclusion are able to attract more talented professionals, and increase focus and customer orientation, in addition to making better decisions, which leads to virtuous cycles of returns.

Investor Profile

Based In: Brazil

Investor Type: VC Firm

Preferred Sector(s): Fintech, Healthtech, Cleantech, Mobiletech

Preferred Stage(s): Series A, Series B

Preferred Geo(s): Latin America

LAVCA Honors

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