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Beatriz Dager

Chi X Future Ventures, General Partner

Beatriz Dager is a General Partner for Chi X Future Ventures, a Canadian VC fund that operates and invests in Early-Stage companies in Latin America. She comes from a financial background working in the M&A department for a large multinational before founding the first boutique investment bank in Cartagena, Colombia. Her experience in the VC investment side includes being the Managing Director for ChiOne Capital Ventures the first Early-Stage vehicle created in the Caribbean region of Colombia and advising startups through her boutique investment bank since 2017.

Investor Profile

Based In: Colombia

Investor Type: VC Firm

Preferred Sector(s): Fintech, Logtech, Enterprise SaaS and Digital Content Creation

Preferred Stage(s): Early-Stage

Preferred Geo(s): Colombia, Latin America

Sample Companies: Liftit, Prolibu, Vecindario, Kiki Logistics, Kuatro Investment Banking, Peiky, Apparta, Influur

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