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Adriana Tortajada

Twelve Hundred VC (1200 VC), CEO & Managing Partner

Adriana Tortajada is the CEO and Managing Partner of the Twelve Hundred VC (“1200 VC”) Fund, an Early-Stage investment platform that invests in fund managers and founders shaping the future of humanity. Its focus is on seeking transformative technologies and regional value creation, which will accelerate a positive impact on the planet and society. Over the past two decades, she has been a leader in portfolio management and public/multilateral fundraising in Mexico-US and LatAm. She collaborates on the design, strategy and creation of the venture capital industry in the country that helped to raise the number of Seed/VC firms from 15 to over 50. She is a member of the Kauffman Fellows Program class of 2016 at the Center for Venture Education in Palo Alto, California.

Investor Profile

Based In: Mexico

Investor Type: VC Firm

Preferred Sector(s): Innovation and Technology

Preferred Stage(s): Early-Stage

Preferred Geo(s): Americas (with crossboder opportunities)

LAVCA Honors

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