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NFX Leads a US$4.4m Investment in Zubale

17 October 2019

NFX led a US$4.4m investment in Zubale, a Mexican crowdsourcing platform for retailers to conduct point-of-sales analysis, with participation from Industry Ventures, Liquid 2 Ventures, XFactor fund, and angels including Jonathan Swanson (Thumbtack), Sergio Romo (Grow), and Bob White (Bain Capital). Pear VC invested previously.

(TechCrunch) A year ago, at a demo day south of San Francisco, we watched a number of recently formed startups pitch investors on their companies. One that stood out to us at the time was Zubale, a Mexico City-based outfit whose founders were looking to connect big corporations with Latin Americans eager to address tasks on their behalf. A person could conduct on-the-ground market research for a brand, for example, then earn mobile phone credits or other redeemable digital rewards.

Fast-forward and Zubale,  which had 10 employees at the time, now has 40 full-time employees, and has completed 170,000 tasks on behalf of the consumer brands on which it is squarely focused — and for two reasons.

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