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Nexxus III Fully Divests from Olab

19 September 2015

(Press Release) Nexxus Capital announces that through Nexxus Capital Private Equity Fund III, L.P. has fully divested its position in Diagnósticos de México, Diamex, S.A. de C.V. Olab is a relevant player in Mexico’s diagnostic healthcare sector offering diagnostic imaging and clinical analysis through a network of 40 branches. The transaction was closed through a sale to a strategic player in the above mentioned sector.

Nexxus III invested in Olab when the Company had 22 units (12 regular, 2 mobile and 8 on-site sampling), while today Olab has almost doubled its network, operating 40 units (23 regular, 8 mobile and 9 on-site sampling). In addition, the administration of the Company focused on diversifying its revenues by focusing more in the retail sector as well as in the institutionalization of the Company.

Nexxus III invested in four portfolio companies, has already fully exited from two – Crédito Real (BMV:CREAL) and Olab, and remains invested in Grupo Hotelero Santa Fe (BMV:HOTEL) and Harmon Hall. The divestment from Olab represents Nexxus Capital’s 11th exit from a total of 19 investments in portfolio companies.

Nexxus Capital has actively contributed to the private equity industry in Mexico since its inception in 1995 and is the largest independent private equity firm in the country with one of the longest and most successful track records in Latin America.

Nexxus Capital is the only Mexican private equity manager that has listed five portfolio companies in the public markets. Nexxus I and Nexxus II funds have been fully divested and realized achieving superior returns.

Nexxus Capital has over US$500 million available through its fund Nexxus Capital VI, and is currently analyzing investment opportunities in mid-sized Mexican companies. Nexxus VI’s preferred sectors are specialty retail, financial services, tourism, consumer products, business services, logistics, distribution and warehousing, health and education.