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Natue, Backed by Project A Ventures, Announces New Investment Deal

11 June 2013

(Pulso Social) Natue, a Brazilian e-commerce platform for natural products and food items, has announced a new investment round. The startup has closed a deal with Alstin and Lakestar for US$8 million (R$16 million).

Launched by Priscila Capellato and Fábio Katayama just five months ago, Natue is a marketplace for health and well-being products such as dietary supplements, natural food ingredients and beauty and weight loss products. According to Capellato, the e-commerce platform has exceeded expectations in its short lifespan:

We always believed in Natue’s proposal, but seeing the numbers and its acceptance in the market is really very satisfying. We’re happy to bring the idea of well-being and quality of life to more and more people.
The funds received from Alstin and Lakestar will be invested in Nu3, of which Natue forms part. The company will expand its operations and continue to promote healthy lifestyle choices in Brazil.

Natue has already been backed by Project A Ventures, an investment fund and company builder based in Berlin. The organization recently arrived in Brazil with a 50-million-euro fund for investments. Its local portfolio already includes Natue and wine e-commerce platform Epicerie, and it plans to launch 15 new startups in Brazil by the end of 2014.

Project A will work with Natue and its investors in continuing the company’s growth. Oliver Raussin, Founder and CEO of Project A in Latin America, commended Natue as a sustainable business with solid numbers and a high potential for growth. He added:

The new investors, like Project A, were convinced to invest in Natue by the quality of its founders, with entrepreneurial profiles and excellent execution, and by the company’s numbers.
With this investment, the Project A Ventures project in Brazil is off to a good start. Moving ahead, it will continue its search for startups to incubate, accelerate and grow.