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Manutara Ventures, Ideas Impact, FJ Labs, and Angels Invest US$2.5m in Fintech Xepelin

12 October 2020

Manutara Ventures, Ideas Impact, FJ Labs, and angels invested US$2.5m in Chilean fintech Xepelin. Other investors in Xepelin include Oskar Hjertonsson, Ignacio Canals, Gonzalo Rojas, Diego Fleischmann, and Daniel Undurraga. 

(TechCrunch) There’s another entrant in the startup race to provide financial services to Latin America’s small and medium-sized businesses.

Financial services have been a huge opportunity for startups coming out of Brazil, Colombia and Mexico in recent years, and now Xepelin, a new company from Chile, is looking to join the fray.

Xepelin’s founders, Sebastian Kreis and Guillermo Molina Carvallo, launched their company with the vision of creating a new kind of online bank for Latin America’s small businesses. Read more.