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Lightspeed Ventures Leads USD32.5m Series B for Mexican Credit Card Issuer Stori

25 February 2021

Lightspeed Ventures led a USD32.5m Series B for Stori, a Mexican credit card issuer, with follow-on from Vision Plus Capital, BAI Capital, and Source Code Capital.  Bertelsmann Investments and Source Code Capital led a USD10m Series A in 2020.

(TechCrunch) – While credit cards are commonplace in the United States, they are far less ubiquitous in many other countries, particularly those in Latin America. In Mexico in particular, cash remains the dominant method of payment, with an estimated 86% of all payments being in the form of cash.

But card usage is growing as more people are shopping online than ever before. According to one recent study, Mexico topped the list of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce markets. Meanwhile, only 37% of Mexicans over 15 years old have a bank account, according to recent World Bank stats.

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