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LAIC Venture Capital Opens New Office in Sao Paulo

25 October 2010

(Cap Note) October 25, 2010 – LAIC Venture Capital, a leading global provider of Venture Capital in the fields of Oil & Natural Gas, Mining & Mineral Rights, Alternative Energy, Bioenergy and Real Estate,  announced the opening of a new local office in Sao Paulo Brazil in December 2010.

The Sao Paulo office which will consist of twenty-five to thirty investment banking professionals and support staff, will offer a complete product portfolio of Private Investment Banking products to both investors and entrepreneurs throughout South America.

“The further geographical expansion of the LAIC Venture Capital Private Investment Banking value-added model is a top goal for us, and Brazil is the perfect place to enter the South American market,” said Steven Muehler, CEO of LAIC Venture Capital. “Our new South American space allows us to continue to fill our stables with some of the industry’s most experienced and diversified Investment Bankers and Investment portfolios in the Industry.”

The Sao Paulo office marks the first international location for the Los Angeles Based Private Equity Investments Firm. LAIC Venture Capital currently has offices in Beverly Hills and in West Los Angeles, California. LAIC Venture Capital currently has plans to open an office in Toronto, Canada in early 2011 and Tokyo, Japan in late 2011.