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LAFISE Targets US$75m for Fourth Growth Capital Fund

22 October 2020

Central American PE fund LAFISE is in the process of raising its fourth growth capital fund (CASEIF IV LP) with a target of US$75m to promote the economy reactivation and generate jobs in LatAm countries impacted by COVID-19.

(Press Release) LAFISE Group celebrates the 20th anniversary of LAVISE Investment Management (LIM), the first Central America Private Equity fund manager founded and managed by a regional professional team, which has operated three fund initiatives called Central America Small Enterprises Investment Fund (CASEIF).  These private capital funds aimed to identify, negotiate and support the growth of Small & Medium enterprises in the Central American region.

In these two decades, LIM has received two important international accolades:
-Recognition for the fund management of CASEIF I and CASEIF II, pioneering investments in countries of challenging ecosystems given by the Interamerican Development Bank.
– 2020 Social Responsibility Award given by The Association of Private Capital Investment in Latin America (LAVCA) in its annual event carried out in New York in recognition of one of the CASEIF III LP’s Investments.

Key success factors
1. LIM is a team of 10 multidisciplinary, committed, cohesive, well-connected and complementary professionals with ample business experience in different areas and industries in order to create value in the portfolio companies.
2. strong support from LAFISE¬† Group through the referral of prospects, deep knowledge of the region, helping CASEIF’s Portfolio companies in the search for new suppliers, customers and markets due to our regional network and presence of more than 25 years throughout Central America, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and the United States.

Currently, LIM is in fundraising process of its fourth Growth Capital Fund (CASEIF IV LP) of US$75m, aimed at creating great opportunities to develop its mission to promote the economy reactivation and generates jobs in LatAm countries impacted by the COVID-19. It is expected to start operations by the end of 2020. This will be the firs PE fund for SME based and focused on Central America that operates under the 2x-Challenge certification to promote gender equality in every investment made by the fund.

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