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KaszeK Ventures Invests in Digital House Coding School

3 February 2017

KaszeK Ventures invested an undisclosed amount in Digital House, a Buenos Aires based coding school designed to train technology professionals in Latin America.

(Press Release) Buenos Aires, January 31st, 2017 – Digital House (, the argentine coding school designed to train a new generation of professionals in the technological era, added Kaszek Ventures (https: //, the leading investment fund in Latin America that supports organizations based on high impact technology, as an investor.

“The main goal of this agreement is for Digital House to continue its expansion plan by adding more campuses to train a greater amount of students, offer a broader geographical coverage, and develop new contents”, explained Nelson Duboscq, CEO of this coding school. Digital House is found in Belgrano, Buenos Aires, and has had more than 500 students in 2016. Looking forward to the increasing amount of inscripts, expansion works in infrastructure are currently being done to double its capacity. In addition, a new campus has just opened in the city center.

Kaszek Ventures will be represented in Digital House’s directory by Hernán Kazah, co-founder of the firm and MercadoLibre, the largest online commerce and payment ecosystem in Latin America. Kaszek joins the list of entrepreneurs who support the coding school, following Martín Migoya, CEO of Globant, and Marcos Galperín, CEO and co-founder of MercadoLibre.

Regarding the new investors, Mariano Wechsler, co-founder and Academic Director of the coding school, said that the mission is to train people in different disciplines for the growing demand in digital abilities in all industries and services. He as well mentions that the participation of Kaszek Ventures will allow them to reach a fast expansion and a solid growth.

“As technology investors, all the companies that integrate our portfolio are faced with the challenge of hiring well-trained professionals in different digital disciplines. As we know, there is a global deficit in this type of profile, including people who know software development, data science, UX design, and digital marketing, among others. In this context, Digital House has innovative, effective programs that combine theory and practice in an extraordinary way, and that called our attention during our process of analysis of the company. We were very satisfied by the level of professionalism with which the whole project was created. Their graduates are well knowledged, and this is reflected in the fact that top-tier firms hire them.”

As a result of this partnership, Digital House will not only open a new campus, but will continue to add more immersive programs to complete its academic proposal, which currently consists of Full Stack Web Development, Mobile Development for Android and iOS, Digital Marketing, UX Design, Data Science,
Digital Product Management, and other special offerings that will allow the workforce of any type of organization to acquire the needed knowledge to perform in the framework of the digital era.