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Jive Investments and Mauá Capital Merge to Form Jive Maua

12 May 2022

(Brazil Journal) The managers Jive and Maua Capital are merging their operations, creating a new house with BRL 13 billion under management – BRL 8.3 billion fron1 Jive and BRL 4. 7 billion from Maua – and more than 350 employees.

Guilherme Ferreira, a partner at Jive, told the Brazil Journal that the merger was possible because the two con1panies operate in complementary segments of alternative investments.

On the one hand, Maua has a tradition in real estate credit and brick assets; on the other, Jive has expertise in legal claims and distressed assets.

The two managers want to expand their areas of operation and were already structuring products in the infrastructure and sanitation sectors.