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Investors Launch US$50m Crypto Assets Fund

22 August 2017

Invermaster Ventures and ARG Capital partnered with Ripio co-founder David Garcia to launch Crypto Assets Fund, a US$50m crypto-currency fund.

(Press Release) Crypto Assets Fund (“CAF”) is the new initiative sponsored by Invermaster Ventures and born out of a partnership between Ripio co-founder David Garcia, private equity veteran Roberto Ponce-Romay, and Miguel Iribarne from ARG Capital.

The project traces its beginnings to early 2016, when Invermaster Ventures started its foray into the Fintech industry by investing in Bitpagos/Ripio and this new $50 MM fund will invest in bitcoin and various others crypto assets.

Traditional family offices and wealthy individuals from LatAm have been active in venture capital and private equity for some time. As such, there has been a lot of interest paid toward bitcoin and the larger crypto space as a whole. However, there has been a severe lack of options for these investors to obtain exposure to bitcoin through secure, formal and regulated channels.

Roberto Ponce-Romay, now one of the General Partner at CAF says, “Wealthy individuals and families in the region are interested in exposing a portion of their investment portfolio to bitcoin as a new asset class, but they do not know how to do it professionally and how to address the risks involved. Facilitating that access is the key aspect of our fund”.

This project is the first of its type for the region with three experienced fund managers behind it and an Executive Advisory Committee including industry reference names like Sergio Lerner (Chief Scientist at RSK Labs) and Zane Tackett (Head of OTC Sales at B2C2).

With this first fund, managers are looking to participate in the crypto investment industry and believe they can become the door to the region for access into the current global crypto market investment scenario, with more opportunities for investors to be created in the near future. The fund is similar to an Index/Tracker Fund with a Buy-Hold strategy of a basket of BitCoin, Ethereum, and four other crypto currencies.