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IGNIA & Dalus Capital Lead US$6.5m Investment in Mexico’s UnDosTres

4 December 2018

IGNIA and Dalus Capital led a US$6.5m investment in online payments platform UnDosTres, with participation from InnoCells, the corporate venture arm of Banco Sabadell. 

(Press Release) UnDosTres, the digital platform that allows its users to make online payments easily, instantaneously and safely, receives an investment co-led by IGNIA and Dalus Capital, as well as other investors including InnoCells, the corporate venture vehicle of Banco Sabadell.

The UnDosTres platform is available in Android, iOS, desktop, and mobile web, and its users can complete operations such as mobile top-ups, movie ticket purchases, toll charges, bill payments and transfers to other users. The innovative solution offered by UnDosTres eliminates the inefficiencies related to the use of cash. Today, many Mexicans waste valuable time queueing to withdraw cash from ATMs and pay for services at banks and convenience stores. The use of cash also exposes them to loss and theft.

With UnDosTres, users can make their payments with a high level of efficiency and safety, thanks to the highly innovative anti-fraud technology used by the Company. This technology allows UnDosTres to offer a secure service without compromising the user experience with complex and delayed security processes.

The capital raised will allow UnDosTres to continue developing its platform and add new services available for payment. The Company’s vision is to create a payment ecosystem that is useful for any user at any time of day: whether paying for transportation in the morning or purchasing movie tickets on the weekend.

“The digital payments sector represents a very attractive opportunity for Mexico and Latin America, regions where most transactions are still made in cash. The highly innovative UnDosTres solution has the potential to revolutionize the way Mexicans make payments every day, offering a platform that is intuitive, fast, and safe. Thanks to its qualifications and experience the UnDosTres team is seizing this opportunity taking advantage of favorable trends in relation to mobile and internet penetration in the country in order to become the leader in digital payments
in Mexico,” said Álvaro Rodríguez Arregui, founding partner of IGNIA.

“The UnDosTres’ team vision is to provide a convenient digital payment platform to a large majority of consumers in Mexico helping to significantly increase financial inclusion in the country. We are completely supporting this vision and very confident UnDosTres will achieve it,” said Diego Serebrisky, founding partner of Dalus Capital.

“UnDosTres has an advanced and innovative payment platform, led by a team who have very differential visions and implementation capacities. UnDosTres resolves a real problem faced by Mexican users, offering a safe solution to increasing digital payment demand to acquire day to day services.” Adding that: “The investment in UnDosTres reaffirms Banco Sabadell’s commitment to satisfying and anticipating its customers’ needs in the Mexican market, which has significant growth and transformation potential,” highlighted Julio Martínez, Executive Director of InnoCells.

“UnDosTres’ mission is to make everyday payments seamless and easy. We are enabling every Mexican to pay anybody, for anything, at any time, with ease, speed and security, simply at the tap of a button. UnDosTres is building an ecosystem around payments that will drive consumption and advance financial inclusion. We are excited to partner with IGNIA, Dalus Capital and Banco Sabadell who have vast experience in the payments space,” said the UnDosTres founders.