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Franklin Templeton, XP Asset Management and Others Invest R$167m in REBEL

13 August 2019

Brazilian personal credit fintech REBEL raised R$167m from Franklin Templeton, XP Asset Management and others via a public offering of regular debentures.  In 2018, REBEL raised US$4m from monashees, XP Investimentos, Point Break Capital, and family office J. Malucelli. monashees was the company’s first investor in 2017.

(Yahoo Finance) REBEL, an online personal loan platform, announces its second public offering of regular debentures. The Brazilian startup raised R$ 167 million via securitization of financial loans, which amount is ten times greater than the R$ 16.6 million it raised in 2018. Issued by the securitizer VERT Capital, the papers were purchased by XP Asset Management, Franklin Templeton, and other players.

In addition to the higher volume, the cost of raising capital was lower in this second offering: CDI rate plus 5.75%, compared to 6% for the previous offering. For the CFO of REBEL, André Botelho Bastos, “The size of growth in the amount of the issuance in such a short period of time is a rare occurrence in the Brazilian market, and shows investor confidence in REBEL and in the quality of the assets that we are creating.”

The securitization allows the startup to service more consumers: “It is the fuel for us to continue accelerating. We have very advanced loan-analysis models that use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This allows us to assess and price every loan request precisely in just a few minutes, which guarantees us a default rate that is substantially lower than that of the market,” Bastos explained.

The second issuance is just the beginning of a new phase for REBEL, with a focus on improving the client’s experience. The company innovates so that it can offer even lower rates and more benefits to the consumer, in addition to offering profitability with governance for investors. “Banks usually say they are obligated to charge high interest rates because non-payment is high, causing a vicious and negative cycle. We want to create a virtuous cycle that inspires more confidence, security, and improved loan proposals in Brazil,” Bastos concluded.


The mission of REBEL is to lead a transformation of financial services in Brazil. The company uses Machine Learning and Big Data to offer personalized loan proposals, and it is the only fintech in the Brazilian market to use blockchain to certify contracts. With the start of its operations in 2017, REBEL has already accumulated R$ 4 billion in loan applications, and in 2018 it raised US$ 7 million with investors, led by the Monashees fund. In the second half of 2019, the company is preparing a new round of capital-raising, series B.