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Gender Diversity

Top & Emerging Women Investors in Latin American Tech 2023

2 February 2024

View LAVCA’s list of Top Women Investing In Latin American Tech.

Women in venture are underrepresented in Latin America as they are globally.  In the US, women make up ~11% of investing partners at VC firms, and the majority of firms have no women partners; in other markets, reliable benchmarks for comparison are harder to come by.

In an effort to raise their visibility, LAVCA published an updated annual list of the Top Women Investing in Latin American Tech, and our sixth annual list of Emerging Women Investors in Latin American Tech, which includes 184 junior-level female investment professionals at VC firms investing in Latin American startups, a 37% growth over the 2022 list of 134 women. The list this year represented a 4x increase in women investors showcased when compared to our first edition launched in 2018.

Two women from last year’s Emerging Women Investors list now hold Partner or Partner-level roles and are featured in our companion list of Top Women Investors in Latin American Tech: Elizabeth Acuña (AVP Ventures) and Brenda Klinke (PIPO Capital).

An additional 77 women investors have been included in this list this year as a result of LAVCA’s combined research methodology with support from the investor community through the nomination process.

All nominees were ultimately vetted for inclusion by LAVCA Research. View LAVCA’s list of Top Women Investing In Latin American Tech, with 143 senior investment professionals and notable angels.