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Deal Cases

Vinci Partners | Pro Infusion

6 March 2024


In November 2020, Vinci Partners invested in Pro Infusion, a Brazil-based outsourcing company that provides pharmaceutical compounding services to support hospital demands and healthcare operators. Through minimizing pharmaceutical waste, Pro Infusion reduces inefficiencies in the supply chain and reduces costs to clients by 15-25%, expanding the healthcare system’s capacity to meet the needs of underserved populations.

With Vinci’s support, Pro Infusion opened branches outside of São Paulo, which further expanded and diversified its customer base while bringing quality treatment to regions without adequate healthcare access. The company entered three new states in Brazil and expanded to new product lines, including parenteral nutrition. The number of monthly treatments grew by 90% in two years by 2022, with underserved community members representing nearly 13% of the company’s patients. Download the full deal case to learn more.