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DGF Invests R$5m in Brazilian Intellibrand

30 June 2017

DGF Ventures made a R$5m investment in Intellibrand, a Brazilian digital trade marketing platform, to fund its international expansion.

(Press Release) The migration of consumer behavior has generated the necessity for retail transformation. The ease of navigation, price searching and comparison together with detailed information, as well as the convenience of purchasing a product without leaving your seat, has boosted a market that has doubled sized in the last four years and moved over R$50b last 2016, according to the Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce (ABComm). In addition, the increase of omnichannel customers, using several touch points to make their purchase or search for information of whatever type of shelves.

In Digital Transformation era, assimilating this tendency has been hard for brands and manufactures, since all types of data and studies available on the market don’t help them understand online costumer journey. In this context, Intellibrand arrives with the proposal to assist manufacturers and digital retailers to collaborate through a practical solution of Digital Trade Marketing, which can translate the sales fundamentals of brands in a off-line stores, such as the marketshare and shelf visibility, merchandising, pricing, among other strategic information, for real time actionable data management on digital channels.

Intellibrand is the evolution of eRA, a company specialized in competitive intelligence founded in 2013 by founders Chau Sanh and Francesco Weiss, in 2017 together with DGF Investiments more than R$5m, a venture capital firm recognized for investing in high tech companies and leaders in their segments. After years of studying online consumer behavior, and with extensive experience and relationship with key ecommerce players, the founders have created an innovative solution that can deliver actionable data – external and internal – from ecommerce to product manufacturers, adding strategic intelligence for brands to develop digital channel collaboratively with e-commerce, in order to enhance the shopping experience and leverage sales.

According to the CCO Francesco Weiss, digital transformation and third-party e-commerce development are under managers radar, who still don’t know how to improve efficiency and performance of this new channel. “We are developing the market to assist brands during the adoption of digital sales. Those who invest and believe now will come out ahead, leading a new niche to which their competitors that still don’t pay enough attention,” says the executive.