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Dalus Capital Fund II Launches US$50m CKD

6 October 2016

(Press Release) Dalus Capital Fund II issued its first CKD for MX$950m (approximately US$50m). The fund will invest in Mexican companies with high growth potential based on technological or business model innovation.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico on the 6th of October, 2016. – As of today, Dalus Capital (, with Dalus Capital Fund II GP, L.P., acting as settlor and Capital DCA, S.C. as Administrator, executed a restricted public offering of “Growth Capital Certificates” (“Certificado de Capital de Desarrollo” or commonly called “CKD”), under the ticker “DALUSCK 16”, for a total of MXN$950 million pesos (approximately US$50 million at current exchange rate). The CKD operates similarly to a traditional growth fund with a duration of 10 years.

Dalus Capital is a venture and growth equity fund manager whose strategy is to finance the growth and development of innovative companies with high growth potential. Diego Serebrisky and Rogelio de los Santos – the team which founded and manage Dalus Capital – have invested a first fund of US$70 million under the name of Alta Ventures Mexico Fund I. Alta Ventures has in its portfolio some of the most innovative, high-growth companies in Mexico such as Clip (, MFM ( and kubo.financiero ( Diego Serebrisky and Rogelio de los Santos are experienced and well recognized investors in Mexico and Latin America, having a combined 40 years of experience in institutional investment as well as in founding and growing companies in Mexico.

Supported by Dalus Capital’s collective experience and trajectory, the Mexican Pension Fund PensionISSSTE took the role of lead investor in the offering.

The CKD is part of an investment program that also includes a parallel vehicle based in Canada. The resources obtained through the issuance of the CKD will be invested in the same proportion pro-rata as the resources in the parallel fund. The CKD and the parallel vehicle shall invest more than MX$1.9m pesos collectively (around US$100 million). This fund, in addition to generating new jobs in high-growth sectors, will also enable the advancement of industries in Mexico that have already been consolidated in developed markets.

Dalus Capital will seek to invest in companies led by strong entrepreneurial teams demonstrating passion and business acumen, with an important growth potential and differentiation based on technological, product and/or business model innovation.

Dalus Capital shall focus on high-growth sectors within the Mexican economy, including, but not limited to, financial services and financial technology (fintech), high-value business services, health, education, clean energy, software, internet and digital security. The fund will seek to carry out equity investments of between US$1m and US$10m per company. The Dalus team is actively seeking opportunities and invites high-growth companies requiring resources to scale to reach out to us at the following email address: [email protected].

Rogelio de los Santos, co-founder and Managing Partner of Dalus Capital, indicated that “[Dalus Capital] is in advanced conversations with companies in distinct sectors in which we see all of the characteristics necessary to achieve success stories for Latin America.”

“We would like to thank PensionISSSTE and all other Dalus Capital investors for believing in us; we commit to leveraging the experience of our team in growing companies to execute our investment strategy and accelerate the growth of the highest-potential companies in Mexico” commented Diego Serebrisky, co-founder and Managing Partner of Dalus Capital.