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Confrapar’s HorizonTI Backs Brazilian 3D Game Developer Ilusis

1 July 2013

(Pulso Social) Brazilian game developer Ilusis is on the brink of receiving a major capital boost. Confrapar has revealed plans to invest in the company by way of its investment fund, HorizonTI. Ilusis stands to receive up to US$2.5 million (R$5 million) from the entity over the next three years.

Founded in 2008 and based in Belo Horizonte, Ilusis creates 3D games for consoles and platforms such as Sony, Apple, Android, PC and social networks. It also builds on-demand apps for Android and iOS. In total, the company claims to reach one million gamers around the world, partnering with distributors in the U.S., U.K., Netherlands and Canada. Its largest markets are the United States, Europe and Japan.

This HorizonTI funding marks Ilusis’ first venture capital investment. It has, however, received grants and financial support from entities like FINEP and FAPEMIG for specific projects in the past.

As to what the money will be used for, Ilusis CEO Rodrigo Mamão told Valor International that he plans to hire more game development professionals and open an office in the U.S. to accelerate international expansion. He explained, “It’s in the U.S. that investors and game companies are concentrated, and it’s crucial to be closer.”

The total amount of the HorizonTI investment will depend on Ilusis’ performance over the next three years, meaning that the pressure is on for the company to continue to flourish. In 2012, Ilusis brought in about US$1.2 million (R$2.5 million) in revenues, doubling its 2011 numbers. By 2015, the hope is to grow sales six-fold.

Last year, Ilusis launched two games – Jett Tailfin Racers and Skyrise Runner – and it already has plans to launch three more soon (two for smartphones, and one for Nintendo Wii U).

The global game marketing is thriving, with some entities estimating it to reach upwards of 100 billion dollars by 2015. With Confrapar’s backing, Ilusis will improve its chances of getting a piece of the pie in an incredibly promising – albeit extremely competitive – sector.