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Carao Ventures Leads a US$2m Investment in Costa Rican SaaS Huli

18 September 2019

Carao Ventures led a US$2m investment in Huli, a Costa Rican healthtech SaaS platform founded by Alejandro Vega. Huli raised US$1.75m previously from Innogen Venture Capital and others.

(Press Release) Carao Ventures led a US$2 million investment round in Huli, a leading healthtech company in the region, with operations in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama. This new investment, in addition to Huli’s previous round of US$1.75 million completed in 2018, will help propel the company’s growth strategy and international expansion.

 Huli offers cloud-based SaaS solutions for the healthcare industry that allow independent doctors, clinics, and hospitals to manage their practices and automate processes related to patient care. Among other value-added health solutions for medical practitioners and patients, Huli offers digital medical directories that help patients search for doctors and health specialists and book appointments online. The company also offers an electronic health record (EHR) platform to help doctors digitize, share, and better manage their patients’ health records.

 With the proceeds from this investment round, the company expects to accelerate its international expansion, and continue helping doctors make their practice more efficient and improving patients’ experience by bringing functionalities and greater access to their health information to the palm of their hands, in a safe and effective way.

 Huli was founded by Alejandro Vega, who set out to create a technology that would help health professionals better manage their practices and clinics. Today, Huli is a leading reference in the healthcare software space in Costa Rica and in the region. The company is organized around three main groups of healthtech solutions: HuliPractice (software for healthcare practice management), HuliHealth (online directory for healthcare professionals), and HuliVida (personal and family health management application for patients).

 Huli’s main clients are doctors and other health professionals who, through Huli’s different solutions, have tended to over 2 million patients. Huli has over 80 employees distributed across different business areas and the different countries where the company has presence. The company expects to make important hires in the coming months to further its growth and development.

 According to Alejandro, “the relationship with Carao Ventures has been excellent. More than capital, they have helped us with strategic matters, structuring us for growth, and with relevant commercial relations inside and outside of Costa Rica.”

 For Carao Ventures and its investors, the investment in Huli represents an opportunity to participate in a promising startup with relevant trajectory and market presence in Costa Rica and to help the company execute its international growth strategy and continue developing the offering of digital solutions to the health sector in the region. Latin America needs technologies that help improve quality and access to healthcare services. In Huli, Carao Ventures sees the platform that combines the talent, capabilities, and potential required to have a relevant impact in the healthcare sector.

 As a complement to the capital investment in early-stage companies, Carao Ventures also offers strategic guidance and support resources to its portfolio companies, to help them organize and accelerate their development.