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Canary, KaszeK Ventures, and MAYA Capital Invest US$16m in Alice

1 July 2020

Canary, KaszeK Ventures, and MAYA Capital invested US$16m in Alice, a Brazilian healthcare provider. Alice was founded by Andre Florence and Matheus Moraes, alums of Brazilian rideshare 99 (acquired by Didi in 2017), and Guilherme Azevedo, co-founder of Brazilian healthtech Dr Consulta.

(Press Release) Think of healthcare, and you’ll probably think of something that won’t make you any healthier. Alice, a tech-based healthcare company, wants to change that. Based in Brazil, it was founded by André Florence, ex-CFO at 99, Guilherme Azevedo, co-founder at dr.consulta and Matheus Moraes, former president at 99. It is built around the idea of health as it should be. With a proprietary care model, delivered in person and digitally by a health team, combined with a B2C and integrated health insurance, it will be launched in the city of Sao Paulo in the second semester of 2020.

Duly registered at the National Health Agency (ANS), Alice has built a tech-integrated network of providers. Inspired by the primary care model, their health team is now able to coordinate members across the health system, with all their health data in one place. “Whenever someone joins Alice, she schedules her onboarding and tells us what her health goals are, setting up a health action plan, which will be monitored by her health team”, says André Florence, co-founder and CEO at Alice.

Alice‘s offer will be modular and personalized, benefiting from a bond between people and their health teams. “Most health insurance plans are built around people using it only when they get sick. We want Alice to be used more frequently. The more people interact with us, the better their health outcomes should be, and the better our service”, says Guilherme Azevedo, co-founder at Alice.

Technology is incorporated from the foundation up, helping integrate and coordinate the entire health system: hospitals, labs, health professionals and Alice‘s healthteam. People’s health records will be available at any time within a proprietary EHR (Electronic Health Record). This model changes the idea that you have to retell your story whenever you visit a new doctor.

Alice is also redefining the relationship with health providers, guaranteeing that all efforts will be towards making people healthier. “The Brazilian private health system was built around a fee-for-service reimbursement system that does not benefit proactive, coordinated, and prevention-oriented care. Our health community is based on a fee-for-value proposition, integrating players and helping people assess the progress of their own health”, says Matheus Moraes, co-founder at Alice 

Alice has been in the making for the last 15 months and has been well received by investors, having raised a total of US$ 16 million .prior to launch. Alice first raised from the venture capital fund Canary and then subsequently secured a Series A round led by Kaszek Ventures, followed by MAYA Capital and with Canary as a returning investor.

Meet our Team

With over 70 people – and expected to hire over 100 people until the beginning of 2021 – Alice has a strong and multidisciplinary team, whose backbone is centered on technology and health professionals.

Our health specialists include physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and sports doctors from the top Brazilian health institutions such as Albert Einstein, Sírio Libanês, and Oswaldo Cruz, and an international team of consultants with members from the Harvard Medical School.

Amidst our tech experts, we have experienced professionals with robust track records, who have worked on the tech stacks of companies like 99, Nubank, Amazon, Yellow, and Gympass.

Meet our Health Community 

Alice members will have access to hospitals Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, Infantil Sabará, Maternidade Pro Matre, and the network of Fleury laboratories, being able to choose between Fleury and A+ brands.

“Our strategy is to prioritize quality over quantity. We chose partners who share our innovative mindset and our obsession with health promotion and member experience. Oswaldo Cruz, for example, launched an entire hospital on fee-for-value service. Fleury is the pioneer of digital innovation in diagnostic medicine. That enabled us to create contracts that promote health to our members”, says Andre Florence, co-founder, and CEO at Alice.

With a well-coordinated health system, every person’s health data will also be integrated within our health community, compliant with Brazilian data security and privacy regulation.

How Alice will work

Alice is a fully integrated health service for people who want to become healthier. We know it’s hard to keep track of one’s health. When you join Alice, you register through our app, you meet your own health team, who will be interacting with you wherever you are. They will schedule your onboarding at Casa Alice (our clinic) or remotely, where you will set your health action plan, tracked anytime on our app. 

While monitoring your health action plan, your health team may recommend and help you schedule exams, procedures, or visits to specialists, supporting you even if the unexpected arises. Imagine you are back from a trip with a sore elbow. Your health team will help with that and won’t let you feel lost in the health system again.