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Berrini Ventures and Bossa Nova Partner to Invest in Brazilian Health Startups (em português)

13 July 2017

Bossa Nova Investimentos and Berrini Ventures are partnering to help develop and invest in health startups in Brazil.

(Press Release) Berrini Ventures, a pioneering healthcare accelerator in Brazil, and Bossa Nova Investimentos, founded by investors João Kepler and Pierre Schurmann, announced this week a partnership to help develop health startups in Brazil.

In an interview with STARTUPI, Fernando Cembranelli, CEO of the accelerator, said that initially Berrini Ventures didn’t provide capital for companies, but that, over the years, the accelerator would need the ability to invest in startups. Therefore, the partnership with Bossa Nova made perfect sense at this stage of the accelerator.

“In addition, we have also been repositioning ourselves over time as a health innovation hub. We look not just at our startups but at the health startups that are developing in the market as a whole, “he says.

Bossa Nova’s partnership with the accelerator will allow qualified investors to enter the health startups market which, according to Fernando, still suffers from the low number of investors interested in contributing the so-called smart money. With Berrini Ventures’ expertise, investors can gain access to this innovation hub and accelerator radar, which focuses on health startups regardless of where they accelerated.

“Bringing these two assets together, we understood that it could create one of the largest early stage investment fund of the country. We have the perception that the health sector in Brazil has few investors focused on the vertical, and we understand that our role is to help the sector to develop”, explains Fernando.

For him, the health segment is changing very rapidly, taking bigger steps towards digital, and with the partnership between these two major players in the startups ecosystem, entrepreneurs – especially early stage ones – can benefit. “If we look at a startup and like it, we can analyze it to bring it to the fund. With this we are positioned as a hub of innovation for health. No matter where the startup was born, the goal is to bring startups from the industry at an early stage, which is Bossa Nova’s profile”, he concludes.