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Beamonte Investments to allocate up to 15% of its Funds to IT Companies in Mexico and Colombia

15 May 2012

(Beamonte) May 15, 2012 – Beamonte Investments, the leading Investment firm of Boston, has announced that it is going to dedicate up to 15% of its first fund to the IT companies in Mexico and Colombia.

Beamonte Capital Partners (BCP) team is going to search for the companies in the Internet space, which are focused in social media sector, consumer sector, mobile, and cloud based companies serving in Mexico and Colombia. Our main target is to provide the growth capital investments in IT companies.

We have distinctive competitive benefit and are able to create tangible value for the IT companies invested into. We are looking to make partnership with the local entrepreneurs so that we can contribute specialized knowledge of businesses and to add expertise. Beamonte will also provide the access to the network of resources to these IT companies.
BCP was formed with the purpose of optimizing and identifying investment opportunities for the equity in Mexico. The role of funds is to support the administration to develop long-term growth strategies and to build execution capabilities. And now, it has decided to dedicate 20% of this fund to the growth of IT companies.

Jose Espinosa, a BCP analyst, has commented, “We are looking for a growth trend in the market for the IT companies and in Latin America as the emerging mile class growth. We have seen a demand for local companies that understand the market to create IT solutions especially in the consumer sector”.

There are lots of local IT companies in Mexico and Colombia, which have not enough capital to invest for their growth, so we thought of offering our capabilities and funds to help these companies to grow and become great companies.

Federico Benavides, an analyst has commented, “There is a new generation of tech entrepreneurs in Latin America that is trying to build companies, but unfortunately there is not enough capital available for them, so we believe that we can leverage our capabilities to help local entrepreneurs to build great companies”.

We believe that we can offer great returns to the investors, and at the same time, we can provide our support for the growth of the IT sector and stimulate a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Beamonte Investments, Boston is one of the leading advisory and investment firms. Beamonte Investments offers several financial advisory services, which include investment banking advisory, strategic advisory, financial and fund placement services. Its alternate businesses include managing the private equity funds, credit oriented strategies and real estate funds.