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Beamonte Investments Launch a Venture Capital Fund for Mexico and Colombia

6 January 2016

(Press Release) Beamonte Investments announced the launch of Venture Academy Fund, a Venture Capital Fund (“VAF”) targeting opportunities in Mexico and Colombia.

Enrique Rodriguez, a former investment banker of Grupo Bursatil Mexicano, will lead the Fund. Rodriguez has several years of experience in structuring funds, debt issuing, IPOs, and Mergers and Acquisitions. Rodriguez holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from ITAM as well as a MBA from Hult International Business School.

VAF will target high-growth startups and ventures that take advantage of market opportunities through online platforms, mobile applications, technology, and others. The fund will focus on Series A investments, as competition is lower in this section of the VC market. The VC market is at a growth stage were VAF can enter and take advantage of the favorable entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mexico and Colombia to generate returns for investors.

Beamonte has an outstanding track record on Venture Capital in the United States, recently investing in Arthena and Spire, formerly known as Nanostatisfi. They are eager to replicate the same success in emerging markets, such as Mexico and Colombia.

“Im exited to be leading an effort like Venture Academy Fund with a platform like Beamonte Investments, one of the premiere Investments firms operating in Mexico with an exeptional track record,” said Rodriguez.

VAF will target to raise between 10 to 15M USD and will make Investments between 500 thousand and 1.5M USD per investment. The primary sourse of deal flow will be Venture Academy bootcamps over the next few years.

Claudia Yan Director of Venture Academy, an educational program launched by Beamonte in 2014 that educates entrepreneurs in Mexico and is planning to start operations by 2016 commented, “VAF is the perfect match for Venture Academy. We educate and VAF will invest in the talent is perfect way to create synergies and help entrepreneurs of both countries to achieve their goals.”

Venture Academy is an educational platform for training entrepreneurs how to raise money through a four day intensive boot camp designed to provide attendees with the information, guidance, and advice to run their businesses.

Luis Felipe Trevino, Senior Managing Director of Beamonte Investments commented, “We are thrilled to announce VAF along side with Enrique and Claudia we believe is a perfect match to capture premiere deals in Mexico and Colombia, two of the highest growing economies in Latin America. Beamonte has a significant track record in the region and we believe that we can add a tremendous amount of value to entrepreneurs in both countries.”