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Beamonte Investments Announces the acquisition of BC Credit

31 May 2012

(Beamonte Investments) May 31, 2012 – Beamonte Investments has acquired BC Credit SOFOM a company that is specialized for offering credit opportunities to the healthcare industry in Mexico. The acquisition has been completed, while the transaction value was not disclosed. BC Credit was launched by CEO, Rodrigo Villafaña.

This integration has launched Beamonte Credit Fund, LP a vehicle that is targeting 30-50MM for the international investors for the very first year.

BC Credit is specialized in asset-based lending to medium-sized enterprises by creating innovative credit products, which are basically designed to serve the requirements of borrowers’ working capital and growth. This company is focused on meeting the rising requirements of these enterprises through financing structures, which will adapt to the specific nature and characteristics of each project. Proprietary portfolios of loans in the niche of healthcare, which provide the most attractive fundamentals, leverage the expertise of the management team in the industry.

Beamonte Investments will invest its own capital in all the transactions and BC Credit will develop financing structures, which will allow it to earn equity like returns with limited downside. It will provide access to the unique platform that will source, structure, monitor, manage and service senior secured loans in the niche of healthcare market with few players.

Luis F. Trevino, Managing director of Beamonte Investments has expressed his views, “We are excited to work with Rodrigo Villafana and his team, and we believe that we can leverage our capabilities to provide financing to the government contractors in the healthcare industry, which is one of the top fast growing sectors in Mexico. By investing in the company, we reconfirm our confidence in the Mexican economy”.

Beamonte Investments is one of the world’s leading advisory and investment firms in Boston. It offers several financial advisory services that include investment banking advisory, fund placement, financial and strategic advisory services. Its alternate businesses include managing the private equity funds, credit oriented strategies and real estate funds.